px intelligence

Computer vision applied in cyber security

Computer Vision Applied

px intelligence services empower security operation and threat intelligence teams with unique tools to detect phishing attacks targeting employee credentials, identify targeted brand attacks, and gain insights into threat actors all using computer vision techniques.

Phishing Detection Landing page detection

Manual or API submissions capture and analyze a URL using computer vision techniques and determine if the site is a phishing landing page.

Organizations can integrate the API into network security monitoring sensors to detect when employees disclose credentials to threat actors.

Brand Targeting Monitor targeting telemetry

Automate the process of classifying the brand targeted in phishing attacks and streamline credential loss remediation tasks.

Organizations can also create custom brand detections for authentication landing pages that are leveraged in targeted attacks.

Threat Actor Intelligence Adversary insights

Phishing kits are automatically collected and parsed to identify threat actor email addresses used to exfiltrate stolen credentials.

Avatars of users in underground forums are processed as one technique to support threat actor attribution.





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“We bring a creative approach using computer vision to address the cyber security challenges of phishing, credential compromise, and threat actor attribution.”