px intelligence

Computer vision applied in cyber security


PX Intelligence's API lets you submit URLs to create a snapshot and access completed snapshot scan reports without using the web site interface. The API allows you to programmatically access the information generated by PX Intelligence.

Sign up

To start using the PX Intelligence API, you will need to Sign up for an account. Once you have created an account, your API key will be listed in your profile.

API Limitations

The free API key allows you to perform a lookup every 15 seconds. If you're interested in using a premium API for a Bro Integration or Custom Services, Contact us for more information.

Retrieving a list of snapshots

The API can be used to retrieve a list of snapshots returned in JSON format.

      GET /api/snapshots/
      Allow: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS

Creating a snapshot

The API can be used to submit a URL to create a snapshot analysis.

      GET /api/snapshots/create/
      Allow: POST, OPTIONS
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